BTroid begins

This is our short metroidvania  entry to #NavarraLANParty gamedev compo. Got first place !!! :-D. Thanks

Game language is only Spanish for now

Explore a platformer spaceship full of aliens.  Pick and use objects and weapons and defeat bosses. Well for the moment there are just 4 objects and 1 boss. But it is a jam game you know ...


arrows - move
SPACE - jump
F - fire weapon (as soon as you have one) while firing you hold position and can aim.
E - throw/use object (a random object at the moment)
0 - Reset game


Coding: Mikel

Graphics: Iñigo (1)

Music and sound: David

Story: Iñigo (2)

Install instructions

Web version requires a WebGL enabled browser (ie. Chrome)


Download 30 MB
btroid_linux.tgz 17 MB
Download 16 MB

Development log

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